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29th August 2007

I have decided to post all my techie notes here for my reference and hopefully to help others. All notes and howtos here are published under the CCA4IL and come with no warranty at all. I accept no responsibility if you fry your computer or lose your job! These are just my notes - YMMV

Play OGG!

10th July 2007

Nai T's new blog

2nd July 2007

I just made a new blog for Nai T which I think you will like.

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I found this great addon for Firefox called ScribeFire.

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My Blog!

17th February 2007

Well at last I have started blogging.

As I am known to most people as a techie, it seems odd that I wasn't one of the first people to write a blog. But the reality is - I'm rubbish at writing.

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