Techie Turmoil

Canon iP1500 Ubuntu Driver

27th January 2010

The iP1500 is a cheap, reliable little printer, but Canon didn't bother with Linux drivers until recently. They now publish a driver for this printer, but it is a bit old and compatible with RHEL 3 and Suse 9.1, so in rpm format.

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Leckhampton Hill

2nd January 2010

We went for a quick wander up "Leccy". There are such amazing trees up there. We took some photos this time too. Just on Nai's iPhone. I think I'll take the little Canon next time.

Cleeve Hill Golf Course

27th December 2009

Nai and I have started walking. We are going to try to go as regularly as possible. Both to get fit and to see more of the beautiful countryside around us. We are so privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world and yet we so rarely take the time to enjoy it.

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Nice rack!

23rd December 2009

After battling with my server rack for most of Sunday, trying to put some sliding rails in, I gave up. I got everything working again, having stripped the lot down, for 1:30AM. EUUGGHH!

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My little brother got married

22nd December 2009

Finally my brother Simon got married, at the tender age of 30! It was a really nice day at Cowley Manor.

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A triumph for authenticity

20th December 2009

So Rage Against the Machine got Christmas number one ahead of X-Factor Joe's dull effort. What a result for fans of real, authentic music.

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New location

11th December 2009

So we decided to ditch It was just a place for our blogs and the site itself was a load of old junk.

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From my phone

28th September 2009

So I thought, since I've got a spangly new G1 blog theme, I ought to blog from my G1. It's really easy, thanks to the wpToGo app. Go Android and Wordpress! :)

My New Theme

28th September 2009

At last! I have finally made my own theme. This theme has been a long time in the making.

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Apple annoyingly disabled CUPS browsing on Leopard. It always worked in previous versions and is particularly wierd as they own the CUPS project.

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