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IBM Linux Ad

29th October 2008

So this is an old ad, but I kinda liked it...

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Quote of the day...

8th January 2008

the kid’s gotta code . . . and he can’t defend himself against the man who says, 'you’ve gotta pay me for my idea which you just had.'

Blog by mail

31st October 2007

I've just set up blogging by email. It should check a special email address every hour and download the mail to post on my blog. How exciting! Yet more ways for me to write mindless waffle on here :-)

BT are the worst

30th October 2007

I'm fed up with our broadband connection. It took ages to get connected and has always been slow.

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Konqueror is the best!

30th October 2007

Yes its official! - Konqueror is the best web browser going.

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Time for a new template!

29th August 2007

Hmmm I've just realised how pants this template is. It has justified text - eeuuugh! Time I built a new one I think. Better do some work first tho......

Play OGG!

10th July 2007

Nai T's new blog

2nd July 2007

I just made a new blog for Nai T which I think you will like.

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I found this great addon for Firefox called ScribeFire.

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