Techie Turmoil

March 2011

Fixing those pesky PNGs

24th March 2011

I’ve been struggling with PNG colour matching for a while. It’s fine on my Linux boxes, with a standard sRGB colour profile, but on Macs and Win/IE with an ICCP in place, the colours never match up with the CSS colours. This is always frustrating, as PNGs are so nice for proper alpha transparency.

I just found this handy snippet out there in the ether, to get rid of the gamma and colour profile info from PNGs.

pngcrush -d outputdir -rem gAMA -rem cHRM -rem iCCP *.png

pngcrush also optimizes the file and reduces the size, which is nice. Handy little tool.

So setting up Wordpress on Nginx isn't difficult. You could follow the example here. This works fine for just a basic install, but what about something that has a load of plugins, for forms and such like? Here we need to tweak the config a bit.

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For some stupid reason, Wordpress injects an inline style to its image caption divs, setting the width to 10px larger than the enclosed image. This is wrong in so many ways:

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