Techie Turmoil

Cleeve Hill Golf Course

27th December 2009

Nai and I have started walking. We are going to try to go as regularly as possible. Both to get fit and to see more of the beautiful countryside around us. We are so privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world and yet we so rarely take the time to enjoy it.

Our first walk was up good old Cleeve Hill. We parked in the quarry car park by the golf course, which had a lake in it, due to lots of recent rain. We charged on through in our little Yaris, but it was quite funny to see the dog walkers in their 4x4s gingerly going through the water, trying not get them dirty!

We walked round the back of the golf course and saw some Aberdeen Angus cows. Then we carried on round to the front, where the view over Cheltenham and Bishops Cleeve is spectacular. No piccies of this one, as I hadn't thought about blogging our walks yet.