Techie Turmoil

BT are the worst

30th October 2007

I'm fed up with our broadband connection. It took ages to get connected and has always been slow. Over the weekend it died for a while and then when it finally came back it was slower than ever. So I spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to convince them it was something wrong at their end or the line, but they said it was our fault - even though I had of course tested everything at our end first. So they faffed around for while and then said it was ok, but it wasn't so I persevered and they finally sent an engineer out today. He said the line was knackered and then fixed it. Apparently. How ever when I got home I found it was still at dialup speed. It's doing my head in cos I'm gonna have to spend ages on the phone again and it'll take for ever to sort out. We depend on the internet for our work and loads of other stuff. How can such a huge company with such large profits be so lame? Bunch of jobsworth idiots.