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Changing 2X Thin Client bootsplash

29th August 2007

This is how I changed the bootsplash image for my 2X Thin Client system. Its not that I mind the 2X logo, in fact I'm very grateful to them for the excellent software, I just wanted it themed to our corporate image.

(This only works on Linux but does not need to be done on the 2XThinClient server)

  1. Create a 640x480 jpg image for the splash screen
  2. install squashfs-utils either from your Linux distribution's packaging system or from
  3. copy /var/opt/2X/thinclientserver/apache2/htdocs/tftproot/ThinClientOS-v4.1_release-r2857/rootdisk26.img from your 2XThinClient server to a suitable location to modify it. (The last directory may be different depending on your ThinClientOS release. This is for the 2.6 kernel version, just use rootdisk24.img for the 2.4 kernel. Sorry I don't know where the windows version would put it)
  4. cd to that suitable location
  5. unsquashfs rootdisk26.img (must be done as root or with sudo) files will be extracted to squashfs-root
  6. cp [the image you created earlier].jpg squashfs-root/etc/bootsplash/themes/2x/images/silent-640x480.jpg (must be done as root or with sudo)
  7. mksquashfs squashfs-root/* newrootdisk26.img (must be done as root or with sudo)
  8. rename /var/opt/2X/thinclientserver/apache2/htdocs/tftproot/ThinClientOS-v4.1_release-r2857/rootdisk26.img to rootdisk26.img.orig on your 2XThinClient server just in case something goes wrong (must be done as root or with sudo)
  9. copy newrootdisk26.img from wherever you created it to /var/opt/2X/thinclientserver/apache2/htdocs/tftproot/ThinClientOS-v4.1_release-r2857/rootdisk26.img  on your 2XThinClient server
  10. reboot a thin client and voila!

A more advanced user may wish to further modify the bootsplash theme which they should be able to figure out fairly easily from this. I'm not sure if this is standard bootsplash that hailed from Suse or gensplash from Gentoo or something completely different. Perhaps the devs can tell us?

Obviously this isn't an easy process to be done too often. It will also have to be re-done with each upgrade of the ThinClientOS and for both kernels if you need both.

Hope this works for you.